Welcome to Doc Fluxx's Site. Now Go Away.

You’re still here? Okay, well, you might as well take a look around, just know that the site is not in a finished state, nor is it entirely populated with material of any great standard. A half baked story here, an embarrassingly old portfolio of illustrations there, however I must admit there are some pretty slick rap songs on the music page. Also there is an RPG Hub where the distinguished roleplaying group “The Tabletoppers” often refer to supplemental materials that relates to Dungeons and Dragons and other games… I don't know.

You see, Doc Fluxx is both an afficianado and producer of an array of fantastic content. Fantastic as in "full of shit". If you were able to peer into his mind, you would likely recoil in utter anxiety, but it would serve you right. You asked for it. In fact I think there is some disclaimer buried in the meta-text that legally, contractually binds you to subscribe to and wait for it to start being populated by regular material. Then you will hinge upon Doc's every word. Enough people do that and Doc may make a living!!!!

Writings (Temp)

Self Indulgent Prank Page

Self Indulgent Prank Page