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Doctor Fluxx is the handle, Bradley J. Timm is the name. I put this site together as a dumping ground for much that I produce and engage in, as both an enthusiast of geeky media and as an originator of it. Just think of me as a sort of Renaissance maniac, packing a self awarded doctorate in nerdthropology. I am a multi-instrumentalist that is obsessed with comics, space, film, and pretty much anything else is legitmately awesome. Oh, I also produce and co-host a weekly podcast:      FEED IT COMICS!!

I am also a staff member and contributor to the site which you should totally check out for comic book, video game, and geeky media reviews editorials podcasts and shows. Shows like my upcoming Mr. Television Face!

Thanks for stopping by, but keep in mind this site is still fairly new and a work in progress. If you like any of my design or production capabilities and want to offer me a job, please contact me on the CONTACT page, as I am open to anything!


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Material Pendingby Doc Fluxx

Material Pendingby Doc Fluxx

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