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Doctor Fluxx is the handle, Bradley J. Timm is the name. I put this site together as a dumping ground for much that I produce and engage in, as both an enthusiast of geeky media and as an originator of it. Oh, I also produce and co-host a weekly podcast:      FEED IT COMICS!!

I am also working on a channel and website called Mr. Tv Face that should be up soon in some capacity, which will experiment with satire and geeky news items, as well as be a place to go for comic and film reviews.

Thanks for stopping by, but keep in mind this site is still fairly new and a work in progress. If you like any of my design or production capabilities and want to offer me a job, please contact me on the CONTACT page, as I am open to anything!


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Material Pendingby Doc Fluxx

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Mr. Television Face

Who is this Mr. Television Face?

Mr. Television Face is more man than machine, but he is ALL critic. He can absorb heroic doses of popular media; mostly comic books, film, television shows and video games, then call upon his masterful internal processes for the ultimate commentary on said media.

How can I trust this... thing?

Mr. TV Face was created in a lab by some of the most brilliant underground scientists. His artificial intelligence rivals that of any human being, yet all of it is dedicated to the singular purpose of reviewing media.

What is the purpose of all these reviews?

Like any critic, Mr. Face offers thoughtful and balanced deliberation on the quality of a production then helps the viewer determine his potential investment of hard earned cash. How many times have you expended small fortunes on products that fail to deliver?

Is there a chance he will turn on the human race?

Instilled in his biomecahnical brain is the irresistable urge to process media. He will be too busy analyzing the following items to organize world domination"

  • Comics
  • Video Games
  • Anime
  • Movies
  • Television and Internet Programs

It can even contain headings. Your answers could take up an entire screen or more all on their own - it doesn't matter since the answer will be hidden until the user wants to see it.

How can I subscribe to his You-Tube channel then?

First, you should go to this site to meet his creator. The Good doctor can help you with the rest.